The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s here! What many consider to be the most wonderful time of the year! Last-minute shopping, baking, and party prep; festive music in every store and restaurant, and on every website and commercial – the season is in full swing! While it is during this time that I find myself reflecting on seasons past, spending time with loved ones and continuing my favorite holiday traditions, It is also during this time that I, along with many others, am overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Consider this post your reminder to take a few moments each day to yourself, to celebrate what the season is about, and to spread good cheer.


As I drive to and from work each day, I prepare by creating a mental checklist. My morning drive is spent drafting emails and reaching out to clients and colleagues.  After work, I find I have 20 minutes or so to wind down from the day and think about my personal “checklist” of things I need to do for myself or my family.  This is my own precious time to use however I want – even if that just means listening to holiday tunes!

Many people have kids home from school and family in from out of town. When you get home from work, try to mentally throw your brief case out the window. Remember, time together is sometimes short, but it is the meaningful moments that will be remembered by your family.

Give back

If you have the ability to gift to your favorite charity, now is a great time to do it. It is so appreciated by the organizations AND it is tax-deductible. If you can’t donate financially, lend a hand at a seasonal event, or prepare food for a family in need.

Spread cheer

This is also the hardest time of the year for some – families affected by terminal illness or families with grief at the loss of loved ones.  Sometimes a kind word, a hello, or just a smile can brighten someone’s day. Especially during the holiday season when we are “supposed” to be happy, remember that there is always someone out there who is having a difficult time or a bad day.

With that being said, I wish everyone a joyous and merry holiday season, and safe travels as you create your holiday memories this year. Make this year the best yet!

-Michelle Alsobrook