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Investment Strategy Investment Strategies

Our goal is to deliver consistent, superior performance for our investors over the long term.

An investment strategy backed by years of research.

Cabana Asset Management challenges traditional notions of investment risk taking and rejects investment strategies that lack appropriate safeguards in falling markets.

While many investment strategies seek to participate in the market’s upside while protecting from the downside, Cabana’s strategy encourages investors to set boundaries for risk taking and seeks to limit “drawdown,” the maximum amount an investment can be expected to fall during a specific period. Accordingly, Cabana’s returns are based on clearly defined objectives and expectations.

Cabana’s proprietary algorithm actively manages diversified portfolios of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds comprised of broad asset classes whose underlying investments are deemed attractive in the current business cycle. Based on years of research, our portfolios evaluate underlying economic conditions in real time, as market cycles unfold. Investments are continuously monitored, allocated and reallocated among non-correlated and inversely correlated asset classes to reduce exposure to potential declines.

Our portfolios are considered Core All Asset Tactical and provide viable options for most long-term investors. Learn more about the portfolios we offer here.

For more information about investment in the Cabana family of portfolios, contact your financial advisor or an advisor at Cabana.