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Cabana portfolios provide a powerful new model for sheltering investors from risk.

Cabana's Target Drawdown Series uses a proprietary algorithm that is designed to help shelter investors from risk by seeking to limit losses during down markets, while still participating in up markets. All portfolios are constructed with the primary goal of avoiding or minimizing losses where possible, and especially losses that may exceed the risk tolerance of the investor. We refer to this tolerance for risk (or loss) as “target drawdown”, and numerically quantify acceptable levels of risk at the onset of the investment process. Our portfolios strive to stay within the applicable target drawdown percentage from peak to trough.

Our proprietary algorithm actively manages diversified portfolios of exchange traded funds (ETFs) comprised of asset classes whose underlying investments are deemed attractive in the current business cycle. Based on years of research, our algorithm evaluates underlying economic conditions in real time, as market cycles unfold. Investments are continuously monitored, allocated and reallocated among non-correlated and inversely correlated asset classes to reduce exposure to potential declines.

Our returns are based on clearly defined objectives and expectations.

While many investment strategies seek to participate in the market’s upside and protect from the downside, our strategies encourage investors to set boundaries for risk taking and seek to limit “drawdown,” the maximum amount an investment can be expected to fall during a specific period.

The goal of our highly diversified, risk-averse strategies is to deliver consistent, superior performance and risk management over the intermediate to the long term.


Fiduciary Responsibility:

Our team is fully committed to fulfilling our fiduciary duties while continually performing to the highest levels of ethics and customer service.

We strive to uphold all “fiduciary” standards of a registered investment advisory firm. This requires us to always act in our clients’ best interests first, and not for our own benefit.

Cabana’s clients do not pay commissions but rather a percentage fee of assets under management with the firm. This ensures that our interests are aligned with yours as we work toward the same goal of protecting and growing your assets. We do not hold any conflicts of interest and will disclose any conflicts if they arise, as well as any fees we pay to others on our clients’ behalf.

Cabana claims compliance with GIPS® (Global Investment Performance Standards) on a firm-wide basis, and has six of its seven Target Drawdown Portfolios independently examined consistent with GIPS®.

GIPS® is considered the “Gold Standard” for investment advisers.

Verification does not ensure the accuracy of any specific composite presentation unless an independent performance examination has been conducted for a specific time period. To receive a GIPS compliance presentation, our firm’s verification report(s), and/or list of composite descriptions please email your request to The Global Investment Performance Standards are a trademark of the CFA Institute. The CFA Institute has not been involved in the preparation or review of this report/advertisement.

More information about GIPS® can be found at or