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HistoryCabana History

Chadd Mason, Cabana’s founder spent most of his career as an attorney and eventually served as a Circuit Trial Judge in Fayetteville AR. He originally started managing investments for personal reasons. After experiencing a loss in the family and watching his loved one’s inheritance decline while being managed by the local branch of a large national bank. He learned later that the inherited money was placed into largely proprietary funds of the bank and reduced by 50 percent during the 2000-2002 recession.

Chadd was shocked by the circumstances in which much of his family’s hard-earned money had quickly vanished. He was amazed by just how little the “experts” in the investment business actually knew about the investments they used and/or their clients’ risk management.  Chadd vowed to never to let this happen to him or his family again.

Starting in 2003, Chadd immersed himself in an investment education, gaining a new understanding of managing investments versus managing the business of investing. In 2007, he became a registered investment advisor. In 2008, he began working with a team of experts with the intention of building a successful investment model that would produce superior returns while providing downside protection, which resulted in Cabana Analytics – the firm’s proprietary algorithm. The science behind the algorithm’s strategy was developed over five years and tested across varying market cycles including the bear market of 2001-2003 and the market crash of 2008-2009.

The results of the testing have been independently audited and confirmed pursuant to Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), known to be the highest standards in the industry. Those results helped shape what is Cabana’s asset management and financial advising arm today.

In collaboration with long-term friend and Texas attorney Louis Shaff, Cabana expanded to offer not only asset management, but legal and financial services to provide clients a holistic model of personal and professional financial advice, planning and protection. Today Cabana is headquartered in Fayetteville, AR and has an office in Plano, TX.

Chadd, Louis and their team of nearly 20 experts are committed to impactful, long-lasting relationships with clients and their clients’ families to ensure they are accounted for in every aspect of their life.