Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution PlanningBenefit and Contribution Planning

We offer a variety of investment solutions for employees through both qualified and non-qualified plans.

Cabana’s primary retirement solution is the Deferred Contribution Plan. This plan’s retirement benefit depends on the amount contributed and the investment return. The three types of Deferred Contribution Plans that we offer are:

  • 401 (k)
  • 401 (a) Profit Sharing Plan
  • 401 (b) Plans for Non-Profit Organization

We also provide Defined Benefit Plans, which operate as a pension. This type of plan can provide employees with a predetermined amount of money when they achieve retirement age. While a Defined Benefit Plan is more expensive to administer, it can provide for very generous rewards.

For small business owners who may not want the burden of a Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit Plan, our solution is a simple IRA or Sep IRA. Both of these tools can be valuable to a small business owner seeking to meet retirement goals.

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