Attorney Affiliate Programattorney affiliate program

Sound investment management for your clients; value and income for your practice.

Cabana’s Attorney Affiliate Program partners with qualified attorneys who would like to offer investment services to their clients.

Formed by an attorney and former judge, Cabana understands the predicament facing attorneys in their chosen profession. Generally speaking, attorneys are tied to their desks or stuck in the courtroom working on an hourly, or often a contingency, basis. While this model can afford attorneys a strong income, it does not provide for any form of residual income. Additionally, most attorneys do not have any form of pension and their retirement income is solely dependent on their ability to save money. The Cabana Asset Management Attorney Affiliate Program provides attorneys with a solution to this dilemma. Through this program, attorneys can attain additional ongoing residual income, which will carry on into retirement.

What Cabana can offer you:

  • Increased bottom line
  • Ongoing residual income, now and through your retirement
  • Additional service to existing clients with no extra overhead costs
  • Value for your book of business; resale value for your firm
  • Quality service and support for you and your clients
  • Detailed, transparent reporting
  • Banking/loan services for clients
  • Affiliation with attorneys who have reached the highest level of their profession, and are now dedicated to sheltering client’s investments from risk
  • Access to insurance, annuity and financial products

Your clients can now receive sound, conservative asset management through their trusted attorney.

Cabana offers training and education to become a qualified investment advisor.

How it works:

  • Interested attorneys are carefully vetted before being accepted into the Attorney Affiliate Program, to ensure only those who comply with the highest standards of ethics and integrity participate in the program. Cabana Asset Management was formed by attorneys with impeccable reputations and who have reached the highest levels of the profession – we aim to ensure the Affiliate Program maintains these high standards and does not pose any ethical dilemmas in its business structure or transactions.
  • Accepted attorneys undergo extensive educational training to become a FINRA Series 65 (Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination) qualified investment advisor. Cabana absorbs the costs of training and testing for the exam. All sales, administrative and insurance costs are also provided to the affiliated attorney.
  • Attorney affiliates are provided with all legal ethics and conflict of interest rules and regulations, policies and disclosures – all of which have been prepared and vetted by a legal ethics expert on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Investment management is performed by Cabana Asset Management, making the program simple for affiliated attorneys who receive one-third of Cabana’s monthly fees. Fees are based on a percentage of your client’s assets under management with Cabana. By offering a valuable service to your existing client base, you earn additional income while leveraging and creating sales value for your law practice and book of business.
  • At an annual fee of 2% paid to Cabana, a $1m account generates $6,666 per year for the participating attorney. This income stream is maintained year after year as long as your client’s money remains under management with Cabana. Additionally, this annual payout may increase year by year as the invested funds are compounded based on the performance of the portfolio.
  • Fees associated with insurance, annuities and other financial products are also available as part of the participating attorney’s revenue sharing program.

For more information on how to get started or if you would like to speak with someone that is part of the program contact us today.