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Cabana Asset Management offers financial advisors access to our team, our Family of Portfolios and additional resources that can help grow and sustain your client relationships. 

Your clients depend on you to shelter their investments from risk, and to manage their money to withstand the market’s ups and downs over the long term. Cabana’s strategy is to participate in market advances while helping protect investors from losing more than their risk-tolerance levels allow. Our proprietary model is based upon extensive academic and mathematical research.

All performance is reported on regularly, so that investors may be assured that their investment is working as designed.

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Potential Benefits of the Cabana Family of Portfolios:

  • Broadly diversified core equity holdings
  • Reduced risk for clients
  • Reduced volatility
  • Limited maximum drawdown amounts for clients
  • Broad asset class exposure and diversification
  • Increased liquidity
  • Time-tested performance of the Cabana family of portfolios
  • Investment strategies based on years of research
  • Reduced research and outside trading costs
  • Customized, proprietary solutions, branded under your firm’s name
  • Residual fees on assets under management for advisors

Access to Cabana Analytics

Cabana Analytics offers outside financial advisors access to the trading strategies of Cabana’s proprietary algorithm so you may build and customize portfolios for clients. Cabana Analytics offers the same strategies used to manage the Cabana family of portfolios, which seek to achieve returns that exceed long-term returns of the S&P 500 while taking far lower levels of risk. The algorithm is designed to create portfolios suitable for investors across the risk-reward spectrum. You receive trading signals and make your own trades using the same tactical investment strategy of rotating between non-correlated and inversely correlated assets, yet have the flexibility to make portfolio adjustments as you see fit based on your clients’ specific needs. With direct access to Cabana Analytics’ signals, you can reduce your costs while offering quality asset management to your clients. Your firm makes and controls your trades, so the powerful strategies and performance of Cabana Analytics may be branded under your firm’s name. Your firm may realize the same benefits enjoyed by investors of the Cabana Family of Portfolios, yet with a fraction of the costs associated with research and analysis.

Cabana Analytics is the dedicated in-house analytics firm responsible for the development and coding of software used by Cabana Asset Management.