A Different Kind of Commentary

Today I said goodbye to my cousin Ben. He was 37 years old and leaves behind a five-year-old son, Anthony. Ben was beautiful, smart, funny and one of the greatest dressers of all time. He made everyone in the room feel special and his smile was as infectious as it was sly. Like me, he was a street lawyer at heart and he loved cars. He spent the past nine months fighting cancer with humor, grace and dignity. What he has been through, no one should have to endure. He is a warrior and I am incredibly proud to have been in his company. I will miss him.

His sisters, Jennifer and Claire, have shown such strength, compassion and dogged loyalty that there are not words to adequately describe. I am awed and humbled to have seen love and devotion tested in the ultimate way. As a father of three children of my own, my heart breaks for his parents. There can be no greater loss than a child.

We spend each Monday discussing the markets, investing, and the pursuit of long-term goals, such as financial independence and freedom. This Monday, I am reminded that the greatest and surest investment of all is that which we make in ourselves and in those we love. Financial security and the opportunity to live on one's own terms rings hollow without the tether of family and loved ones. Let us all take a second, just a second, to stop and remember that all success in life comes from within, all dreams start at home, and nothing is meaningful unless it is shared. Today I am grateful for all that I can share and for that which is shared with me.

Thank you for allowing me this indulgence. I will return next week with a more traditional commentary.